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"Volunteering plays a crucial role in fostering community bonds and creating positive societal change."

Volunteers at a construction site..jpg

Genoa Gives is proud to give back to the community!

Apply to be considered for Genoa Gives.

"When companies offer their time and skills selflessly, they contribute to the well-being of others providing direct assistance to those in need."

Cement Paving
Building Homes

"The collective impact of volunteer work towards common goals lead to stronger, more resilient communities."

"Volunteering provides individuals with the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in various spheres, from supporting populations to environmental conservation."

Build a Home
Volunteers on Construction Site

"A cornerstone for building a compassionate and interconnected society, where individuals collectively work towards the betterment of their communities."

Genoa in the Community

Apply to be considered for Genoa Gives.

Note: To apply for Genoa Gives Day to sponsor Your upcoming project(s), click the link and send an email to us outlining your project idea and your "Why".

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