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Joining our construction firm presents designers with a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of groundbreaking projects that seamlessly blend innovation and functionality.  Our commitment to excellence in construction is complemented by a culture that values and nurtures creative design thinking.  By becoming a part of our firm, designers can contribute their skills to shape the aesthetic and functional aspects of structures that leave a lasting impact.  The collaborative environment fosters a dynamic exchange of ideas, encouraging designers to push boundaries and elevate their craft.  With a diverse portfolio of projects on the horizon, joining our construction firm is an invitation to be an integral part of shaping the future of architecture and design in the built environment.

Contemporary designer pointing at home interior example on laptop display while consulting

At Genoa, our goal is to cultivate a team that embodies beauty and forward-thinking, driven by innovation, creativity, and collaborative efforts with our clients.

Genoa Designs Values

Lifelong Learning Commitment

We are always on the lookout for opportunities to improve and excel in our endeavors. Our commitment to fostering a culture of learning and continuous education is aimed at expanding our knowledge and refining our skills. Embracing ongoing education not only enhances our competence but also instills a sense of accomplishment, creating pathways for career growth and progression.

Culture Shapes Everything We Do

The culture at Genoa is at the core of all our operations, influencing our systems, hiring practices, behaviors, and communication. We actively cultivate, safeguard, and embody this culture to establish an environment where every individual feels a sense of contribution and belonging. Our aim is to create a workplace where coming to work is an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Commit to Quality

Our expertise, creativity, and pragmatic approach to architectural design solve clients’ problems and meet their business objectives. We’re reliable, collaborative, detail-oriented, and committed to the highest levels of service. Putting it simply, we “own it” — we show up, bring our best, and follow through for our clients and each other.

Give Back

We are leaders, mentors, and stewards of our profession. And as such, giving back is not a photo opp but a way of life. We support one another, our industry, and our communities by giving our time, knowledge, and resources, from internal meetings to industry events and local non-profit organizations. We’re at our best when we’re lifting each other up.

What We Offer

  • Ongoing professional development

  • Opportunity for career advancement and achievement

  • An environment where new ideas are welcomed

  • An organization that values giving back and paying it forward

  • A belief that health and happiness breed creativity and innovation

Team of people putting their hands together
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